21 08 2008

Leisure THUMB

To summarize, if I can remember it well enough myself: there has been a reversal in the “thrust” of modern man, a thrust towards work for work’s sake, to the point that all that is worthy in all aspects of life is work and there is now an almost impossibility for modern man to be at rest (in any sense of the word) – which is what the natural “thrust” is for him, anyway.

And so, I search for what it means to be at leisure, and how it is that man is truly to be at leisure: which (as you will see if you read it) is almost to my surprise that man finds true leisure only when his gaze is fixed on God. It is this – and this only – which allows man the opportunity to truly be at peace, and, consequently, at leisure, in his life.

This is probably my favorite paper which I have written since having been at NDS, both in content and in discovery.

This was written in my second semester of theology at Notre Dame Seminary for Foundations of Moral Theology II.




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8 02 2009
Distributism: Adherence to the Social Teaching of the Church and Man’s Social Recourse to Leisure « and for today…

[…] only way;” a way which disposes man to a proper understanding and living of leisure, in which he is able to flourish as a true human being, made in the image and likeness of God. […]

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