The Cause of the Crusades

21 08 2008

The Cause of the Crusades THUMB

Boy, did I enjoy researching for and writing this paper. It has been a couple of years since I’ve looked at it, so don’t expect me to remember the whole argument, but I can tell you the reasoning for wanting to write this paper. It was because of all of the thoughtless (but emotional) comments that I had constantly heard brought up against the Church about the Crusades. “Oh, the Church is evil because She started the Crusades,” etc., etc., etc. And, thanks to a CD set by Matthew Arnold (of St. Joseph Communications) and mainly the work of (the brilliant historian) Hilaire Belloc, I set off to learn about the Crusades and to challenge the “argument.”

This was written while taking Bachelor’s classes at Our Lady of Holy Cross College for History of Western Civilization I.


Birdcage, Sociology, and Marriage

21 08 2008

Birdcage 'Universal Definition' of Marriage THUMB

This is an interesting one. My sociology professor makes the class watch the American classicThe Birdcage with Robin Williams and then makes us write a paper giving a “universal definition” of marriage. After having thought seriously about how I was to approach this paper, this is what resulted.

When I run across my paperwork for this class, I will take the time to write out the actual questions that I was asked to answer.

This was written while taking Bachelor’s classes at Our Lady of Holy Cross College for Introduction to Sociology.


21 08 2008

Leisure THUMB

To summarize, if I can remember it well enough myself: there has been a reversal in the “thrust” of modern man, a thrust towards work for work’s sake, to the point that all that is worthy in all aspects of life is work and there is now an almost impossibility for modern man to be at rest (in any sense of the word) – which is what the natural “thrust” is for him, anyway.

And so, I search for what it means to be at leisure, and how it is that man is truly to be at leisure: which (as you will see if you read it) is almost to my surprise that man finds true leisure only when his gaze is fixed on God. It is this – and this only – which allows man the opportunity to truly be at peace, and, consequently, at leisure, in his life.

This is probably my favorite paper which I have written since having been at NDS, both in content and in discovery.

This was written in my second semester of theology at Notre Dame Seminary for Foundations of Moral Theology II.

Ordering the Passions with Virtue

21 08 2008

Ordering the Passions with Virtue

This was a paper that I wrote in order to discover the means at our disposal in order to properly deal with the emotions that we all experience. Specifically, it is written to discover in what ways we can properly order the emotions, so that they don’t run our lives and control our actions. With virtue lived in our lives, it is possible to overcome the very common (in our day) situation of “emoting”, and placing the emotions in their proper position in our lives: as “informants” or “guides” (but not as infallible ones) to the decision made by our intellect and the consequent action that is taken. Doing so allows us to act as we were intended to act; to have our emotions in their proper place allows us to be more well-ordered persons, whose actions are more fluidly made when “all things are in their proper place, performing their proper function.”

This was written in my first semester of theology at Notre Dame Seminary for Foundations of Moral Theology I.

Pics and videos from México

13 08 2008

For pictures:

Also, if you’re interested in seeing videos, I’ve posted some here: After that one is finished, look at the top right for something that says “More from this user”. Click it and there should be 17 other videos that I posted of my trip there.